Blogger Mustafa Hefnawi has suffered a stroke that ignites the sites of communication


Facebook social media fanfare after Egyptian blogger Mustafa Khafnawi suffered a stroke

Amr Radi said

It was tired yesterday and his body was very painful .. We went to the emergency room, took the needs of his house and the pain was eased and reassured .. And we shook normal and our spirit .. The second day * The rays came back and suddenly he started to lose consciousness .. I am using rumors on the brain .. a clot has arisen in the brain … please .. special please from all who know me and who do not know me .. invite to Hefnawi so they need your invitations. If you would kindly do Sher and let people proclaim it. Because of my danger … I invite him …

My God, I go to the Lord, the people of the people, heal and you are the healer, there is no cure except your healing, the heal does not leave a sickness. And wellness, there is no shelter or product from you except for you,

Many pioneers and celebrities circulated his image, asking him to pray for recovery.

Blogger injury " Mustafa Hefnawi" With a stroke, it ignites the communication sites


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