Brain tumor in adults .. its causes and associated risk factors


A variety of primary brain tumors may affect adults, and according to the latest WHO classification, common primary brain tumors include gliomas, meningiomas, lymphomas, fetal tumors, and others.

According to the medical site “onlymyhealth” report, it differs from brain metastases, which represent the spread of primary cancers from other parts of the body to the brain through the bloodstream, and at one end of the spectrum are slow-growing benign tumors that are often not discovered during life, for example. For example, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, while at the other extreme, malignant brain tumors such as glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma, myeloblastoma, etc. are rapidly developing which require immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Brain tumors: causes and risk factors

Like other types of cancer, brain tumors also occur due to uncontrolled growth and cell proliferation.Possible factors that may trigger this DNA mutation include ionizing radiation (such as radiotherapy, CT scans, or X-rays), family predisposition, and a previous history of cancer diseases such as Leukemia, as well as aging.

Some reports have linked prolonged mobile phone use with some low-grade brain tumors.

Symptoms of brain tumors

They may appear in different locations in the brain, and lead to symptoms consistent with their original location, however, common symptoms of most brain tumors may include headache, vomiting ejaculate (sudden onset of vomiting without prior symptoms of retching or nausea), weakness in one or more limbs, seizures, tremors, and changes. Behavioral and loss of bladder or bowel control and eyesight. Or memory disorders.

Brain Tumors: Preventive Measures and General Aspects

There are no foolproof methods to prevent Brain tumors The focus is on early detection, and anyone who suffers from a persistent headache over a few days that is not related in any other way to stress, fluctuations in blood pressure, refractory errors, or other similar underlying conditions should be evaluated, and if it is also associated with other symptoms mentioned above, Brain tumor should be evaluated. The right treatment, formulated at the right time, goes a long way in a healthy brain tumor.


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