British study: 1 in 8 Corona cases was infected from a hospital


A study conducted at the Royal University of London on 10 hospitals in the United Kingdom, in addition to one in Italy, revealed that at least one in eight patients who received hospital treatment for Coronavirus had contracted it at the site.

According to the BBC, the researchers said this was a relatively low rate and showed there was effective infection control, as they analyzed data from 1,500 cases as of April 28, covering the peak in the UK.

Lead author Dr. Ben Carter said: “The majority of these patients have already been in the hospital for a long time, adding that the majority of them were elderly but also had better outcomes than those who were admitted with the virus, possibly because of the faster diagnosis and therefore treatment.”

Only those who tested positive after 15 or more days of admission were counted as hospital acquired infections and if patients who tested positive after five to 14 days were included, the proportion increased to 23%.

But due to the long incubation period of the virus, it is impossible to be certain how many of these patients would have been infected in the hospital.

Professor Duncan Young, an expert in intensive care medicine at the University of Oxford, said that the study would not have also picked up patients during a short stay in the hospital, as patients were not followed up after discharge from the hospital.

The study only concerned people who were being treated in hospital for coronavirus, so it did not include the vast majority of people who had contracted the disease and did not show any disease or just recovered at home without the need for treatment.


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