Carteron calls for the speedy preparation of Tariq Hamed to face the Union


Carteron, the coach of the first football team of the Zamalek Club, called on the medical device to quickly equip Tariq Hamid and Youssef Obama for the upcoming Alexandrian Federation match, in light of the numerical deficiency that the team suffers from because of the absence of more than one player for injury, and also because of the lack of preparedness of some players such as Ashraf bin Sharqi and Mohamed Onajim, who They arrived in Cairo 24 hours before the match.

On the other hand, Moroccan striker Khaled Bou Tayeb asked for an attacker Zamalek Previously, to obtain an additional $ 200,000 from Zamalek on his financial dues, due to the existence of a clause in his contract to obtain this amount as a contract grant, and Bou Tayeb’s request came as a condition to agree to waive his case against Zamalek Club.

A source close to the player confirmed that Khaled Bou Tayeb claims that his contract contains a clause of obtaining a $ 200,000 contract grant other than the contractor..

The source added that Bou Tayeb refused to reconcile with Zamalek despite the payment of all his late dues, and stuck to obtaining the contract grant in order to agree to relinquish his case against Zamalek..

Zamalek officials are awaiting the player’s relinquishment of the complaint, especially as he received his late dues and has what benefits all the Moroccan striker’s dues, as the International Sports Court is expected to issue its ruling on the player’s complaint during the coming period, and White officials prepare all documents that favor Zamalek.

On the other hand, the French coach, Carteron, praised the team’s budding young players who are currently joining the team’s camp, specifically Osama Faisal and Hussam Ashraf, stressing that they will be among the main pillars of the team during the coming period. The team in the future.


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