Cheese you are the best weight loss diet with meals in 7 days


Seven days of diet and forget the fats with us .. We bring you meals and exercise. All you have to do is make the decision and start the diet and exercise.

The seven days to lose weight

First day

Lunch: pumpkin pie, steamed fish and seasonal fruit; dinner: carrot salad, grilled chicken, and yogurt.

the second day

Lunch: tomato salad, grilled prawns with crab circles, and yogurt. Dinner: pineapple salad, tuna, vegetable pie, and tea.

the third day


Apple, a piece of turkey or mortadella on toast, beans, and yogurt. Dinner: chicken soup with rice and yogurt.

the fourth day

Lunch: vegetable soup, mackerel fish, cheese with toast, and honey.Dinner: fresh cabbage salad, thin potatoes, boiled eggs, and fruit.

The fifth day

Lunch: apple salad, fish, strawberry and fresh grapefruit juice. Dinner: baked potatoes with onions and peppers, egg pancake, and kiwi.

the sixth day

Lunch: cream pumpkin soup, ground meat, lemon juice. Dinner: corn salad, cheese, yogurt, pumpkin bread with milk and honey.

the seventh day

Lunch: carrot salad, rice, tuna or white meat. Dinner: fresh carrot juice, grilled fish with potato salad and yogurt.

Important exercise with a diet to burn calories and lose weight


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