China agrees to use the Sinovac Coronavirus vaccine in emergency situations


Site detectionTimesNowNews China has agreed to the emergency use of the Sinovac vaccine. Sinovac “For Coronavirus, as part of a program in China to vaccinate high-risk groups such as medical staff, the group said China National Group , Which is a state-owned unit (Sinopharm) , It also obtained approval for the emergency use of a vaccine candidate for Coronavirus, and the company did not mention CNBG , Which has two vaccine candidates in phase III clinical trials, i.e. of its vaccines has been approved for use in emergency situations.


China has been providing experimental coronavirus vaccines for high-risk groups since July, and a health official told state media that the authorities may consider modestly expanding the emergency use program to try to prevent possible outbreaks during the fall and winter..

Officially, China has provided few details about the candidate vaccines that have been given to people at high risk under the emergency use program and how many people have been vaccinated..

The state media, Global Times, reported that in June, before the emergency use program, employees of government companies traveling abroad were permitted to take one of the two vaccines developed by Sinovac. CNBG The Chinese military also approved the use of a vaccine CanSino Biologics The candidate.

There are 7 vaccines against the Corona virus in the final stages of the trial around the world, 4 of them from China, but no vaccine has passed the final stage of trials that prove that it is safe and effective, the conditions usually required to meet them to obtain regulatory approval for collective use.


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