Comprehensive health insurance number 15344 is allocated to inquire about the system in the governorates


The new comprehensive health insurance system said that the hotline 15344 has been allocated to provide all necessary inquiries to the users of the system, whether in the governorates where the system has been run experimentally or in which it will be implemented later in a phased manner.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Director of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project, and the Assistant Minister of Health and Population, announced the continuation of renovation and development work in all medical facilities scheduled to be included, within the comprehensive health insurance system in Aswan Governorate, in preparation for the experimental operation of the system in the governorate..

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky indicated that the construction cost of hospitals, units and health centers to be included within the comprehensive health insurance system in the governorate amounted to 9 billion and 200 million pounds, while the value of the cost of medical equipment and supplies reached 2 billion and 500 million pounds, while the operational cost (600 million) pounds, with a total cost of (12 billion and 300 million) pounds.


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