Continuing to follow up the presidential initiative for maternal and fetal health in North Sinai


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The Health Directorate in North Sinai Governorate continued to pursue the Presidential Initiative for Maternal and Fetal Health, commissioned by Dr. Tariq Muhammad Kamel, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the Governorate, and under the supervision of Dr. Intisar Sarri, Director of the Primary Care Department and General Coordinator of the Initiative.

In a statement, Dr. Dina Ayman, Deputy Director of Primary Care, stressed the importance of the pregnant mother’s participation in the detection of the presidential initiative to support the health of the mother and the fetus, explaining that the initiative aims at early detection of infection with B virus, HIV and syphilis in pregnant women, and so on. Among the services that require care for both the mother and the fetus.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Al-Kashef, a consultant at Al-Areesh Hospital, added that the service is available in mother and child centers in various regions and neighborhoods, and that there is a demand for the pregnant mother for examination and analysis.

For her part, Ibtisam Fouda, Inspector of Primary Care Nursing at the Health Directorate, confirmed that the first 100 days in the fetuss life have the greatest impact on its development and growth, and affect in the long run the health of the child, noting that the initiative guarantees the confidentiality of analyzes .. It also includes advice to prevent various diseases.

Fathi Othman, responsible for health education and media, added that the initiative is sustainable within the services of health units and mother and child centers, within the framework of activating and improving the quality of routine services provided by mother and child care in North Sinai.

The Presidential Initiative for Maternal and Fetal Health Care was launched to early detection of disease transmitted from mother to fetus, and to provide free treatment and health care.

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