Corona Control Committee: The epidemic ends with a vaccine … and the health system in Egypt will not collapse


Hossam Hosni, head of the scientific committee to combat Corona at the Ministry of Health, said that the Egyptian state is always honest with the Egyptian people and all the numbers we issued regarding real Corona injuries, except for some cases that were treated at home were not registered.

He added, during a telephone conversation with the media, Muhammad Al-Baz, on the “Late An-Nahar” program: We stated that June is the month that will witness the peak period. It was not expected, but was the result of studies, and the virus still exists and the people are largely committed, but the great reassurance of the people Al-Masry is worrying.

He continued: “We hope that we will reach zero infections, and we have declared that the virus is under control and this does not mean the end of the crisis, and the crisis will not end until after the discovery of the vaccine, and Egypt is actively participating in studies to search for vaccines, and even reaching the vaccine The main role falls on the Egyptian people and the procedures are very simple.” , Indicating that the Egyptian system will not collapse.


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