Corona injuries rise again in this case


Dr. Sherif Hatta, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, revealed the fact that Egypt started a second stage of the Coronavirus, saying: “We are not in a second wave of the Coronavirus, but what is happening is a continuation of the first wave due to citizens lack of commitment to preventive measures. ”

Hatta indicated, during his statements to the “Al-Masry Effendi” program, on the “Cairo and Al-Nas” channel, that citizens began to underestimate the application of precautionary and preventive measures, which made the number of injuries increase again.

He continued: “We cannot say that the numbers will rise dramatically except in the case of non-compliance with preventive measures. We are moving in a curve of Corona virus infections, and there began to be a decrease in the numbers of daily infections, and we got out of the stage of the peak of Corona, and citizens should have increased commitment to precautionary measures. “.


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