Corona Virus: Leader of a religious community arrested in South Korea


Lee Man-hee is the leader of a religious community with a population of about 230,000

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Lee Mann is the leader of a religious community with a population of about 230,000

South Korean authorities have arrested a leader of a religious community in connection with the largest outbreak of the Corona virus in the country.

Lee Man is headedIt is the Chinchongi Church, which has more than 5,000 followers infected with the virus, making up 36 percent of the Covid-19 infection count in South Korea.

Lee Man facesThey are accusations that the information related to members of the religious community and their gatherings has been hidden from the authorities responsible for tracking those infected with the virus to limit its spread.

Chenchongi Church defends by saying that its head was only concerned with maintaining the privacy of the members of the sect, not hiding information from the authorities.

South Korea currently has about 14,336 people infected with the Coruna virus and 300 deaths from the virus infection.

Corona Virus: Leader of a religious community apologizing for the role of his supporters in spreading the virus throughout South Korea

The head of the church was arrested on Saturday, after investigations. An investigating judge said that there was evidence that evidence related to the case had been disposed of.

Lee Man-hee is also accused of embezzlement of $ 4.7 million and of holding religious ceremonies without obtaining approval from the relevant authorities.

A statement by the Chenchongi Church said that Lee Man-hee had concerns about “prompt requests” for personal data on church members, but he did not disrupt the investigation.

The statement added: “The issuance of an arrest warrant by the court does not mean a judgment of conviction … Every effort will be made to reveal the truth in the trial sessions.”

Who is Lee Man-hee?

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In March, Lee Man-hee apologized for the outbreak

Lee Man He, 88, claims to embody the second coming of Christ and introduce himself as the “promised priest” mentioned in the Bible.

He founded the Chinchongi Church in 1984. The Chinchongi Name means “heaven and new earth” in the Korean language.

The number of followers of Chenchongi Church is around 230,000, and Li Man’s followers are believedIs that he will take 144,000 people to Heaven.

The church says more than 20,000 people follow its teachings outside South Korea, including China and Japan and regions in the southEast Asia.

The sect is known for its crowded crowds during masses. Glasses, necklaces, and earrings are said to be banned during masses.

Members of this community are believed to have infected some Corona virus before they dispersed across South Korea, without the authorities being able to follow their paths, in February /Last February.

In March, Lee Man-hee apologized for the outbreak, saying: “Although it was not intended, many people became infected. We did everything possible to prevent the virus from spreading, to no avail.”

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