Coronaries with mild cases are vulnerable to these complications


Fatigue is a common symptom in most Corona patients, but a new study revealed that acute and recurrent fatigue is also common in those recovering from corona with mild cases, and fatigue is the current symptom of many patients with corona, which affects 44% to 70% of cases, according to Medical site.

The current study, conducted by a team of Irish researchers, aims at a future evaluation of patients who have been coved 19 and recovered, to discover symptoms of chronic fatigue after recovery, as researchers wanted to avoid multiple causes of fatigue using a single infection, to allow greater accuracy to describe the syndrome.

The association between fatigue and any specific characteristic of the infection was searched, as well as any established signs of illness after the infection was resolved.

The study included 128 patients with an average age of 50 years, about 56% of them were hospitalized in Corona, the rest were outpatients and more than half of them were health care workers.

The current study showed that after ten weeks of injury (an average of 72 days), more than half of the patients still had it COVID-19 Suffering from severe exhaustion.


As a result of this fatigue, the daily performance is poor, and more than a third do not return to work until 10 weeks. This conflicts with the recommendation that after a viral infection, the patient must return to work after four weeks to prevent loss of adaptation..

Fatigue yet COVID-19 It is much more frequent than that reported after the above mentioned infection but the fatigue levels were lower than what is required to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome.


In a previous report on the long-term consequences of the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), patients suffer from long-term fatigue, muscle aches, weakness and depression even after one year of acute injury, which is severe enough to impede their return to work.

Another study stated that fatigue in patients 40 months after infection was more than 40%. Similar results were reported after respiratory syndrome in the Middle East (MERS) In six months or more.


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