Dancers provide special services during the Corona stone


The Covid-19 epidemic has forced entertainment nightclubs in Mexico to suspend their activities because they are considered non-essential activities, but some companies have found ways to enable them to maintain their work while adhering to health measures.

Providing home dancing has always been part of the business model of Ma Ultimo Pso, a company focused on providing entertainment services to its home customers.

But since Mexico introduced quarantine measures four months ago, the company has gone out of business.

However, company director Valenti Estrada worked on “developing a health protocol that would allow the company to continue working and keep its 50 employees working despite the epidemic.”

Before the general quarantine, the company was running 15 shows a week, but now it’s shrinking the number from three to 5 a week.

They also offer a 10 percent discount, Astrada said, and the hour-and-a-half show with three dancers costs about $ 160.

Astradas health protocol includes having a person in charge of sanitation procedures, checking oxygen levels and temperatures of everyone in the room, including dancers and clients.

The dance space is disinfected and signs are placed on the ground indicating safe social distancing.

The dancers say these precautions make them feel safe, and they perform while wearing a face mask.

Astrada said he was pleased to be able to make the offer to people who take recommendations to stay at home very seriously, and despite the difficult circumstances, he remains optimistic about the future.

Watch - Dancers provide special services during Corona stone Watch - Dancers provide special services during Corona stone


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