Dentist provides 5 tips to keep your smile outside the home


Dentist Muhannad Muhammad Rabie talked about the five most important things we need outside the home to maintain oral and dental health:


After eating any basic meal or snacks between meals, and we are outside the house we need to see it to make sure the teeth are clean.

Dental floss or pickaxe

If we eat lunch outside the home, it often contains meat that may get stuck between the teeth, causing harmful bacteria if we wait for us to come home to clean it, so

We use dental floss or pickles to get rid of food stuck in it.


We can use mouthwash after meals outside the home by keeping it in a small bottle in your bag, to make sure you always smell fresh in the jaw.


Outside the house, it may not be possible for us to brush our teeth with toothpaste, and at least we get rid of the food particles on them

Rinse and brush your teeth until we get back home and use toothpaste.

Gum without sugar

After eating meals outside the home, it may contain ingredients with a strong smell, such as onions and garlic, which are not desirable, and here comes the role of chewing gum or chewing gum that gets rid of these smells to maintain a fresh, clean breath.

It is noteworthy that Muhannad Muhammad Rabi’i obtained a BCCD and an American Board Certificate in Laser Dentistry, and he is keen to educate people through his various accounts on social media about the importance of maintaining oral health and visiting the doctor every 6 months.


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