Dervish medicine – the hospital confirmed that Mustafa El Hefnawi is not charmed but envied


Imagine that in the age of science and technology a hospital would allow a spiritual healer to visit one of its patients because of his sophistication … and to make sure that he is not bewitched, so that the alleged spiritual healer comes out to confirm that he is the famous YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi “envied”.

Ahmed Gabr, a spiritual healer and owner of the grave-cleaning campaign, said that YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi is not afflicted with any kind of magic.

Gabr said in a live broadcast through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook” that he went to the air hospital in which Mustafa was lying and made sure that there was no magic power or magic servant in him, he said.

He added, “I am not looking out of the room, and I am sure that he does not lack the power of magic or a servant of magic, and the amount of envy in Mustafa made me suffocated and I was crying while I myself got tired of the amount of envy in his body,” according to his claim.

He explained that the hospital administration allowed him to enter to see him inside his room, asking his followers to pray for him, confirming that he will go to him again and see him again.

– Hafnawi was born in January 1995.

– He studied at Helwan University, and is a famous social networking site.

A fan of the artist Tamer Hosni, who made sure to visit him in the hospital to check on his health, hours ago.

Tamer Hosni celebrated his birthday with him in 2017, hosted him on the set of one of his artworks, and took pictures with him.

His dream: “to be an actor and director that every Egyptian can be proud of.”

– In introducing himself through his personal Facebook page, he indicated that he won the Best Actor award at the creativity festival, and the best actor award at the level of Egyptian universities.

He was exposed to more than one health condition and was transferred to the hospital on September 30, 2018, and March 2020.

From Mustafa Hafnawi at AlMasashfa

Posted by Ahmed Gbr on Sunday, August 9, 2020


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