Despite the decline in infections and the approach of the vaccine .. Why do we preach the global health to the black in the crisis of Corona?


“There is no magic solution for the Corona virus at the present time, and it may never exist.” With this statement full of pessimism and frustration, Tidros Adhanum Gebresos, Director-General of the World Health Organization, spoke about the future of the Corona virus, in an online press statement from the organization’s headquarters in Geneva on Sunday evening.

Statements may be viewed by some as illogical or carry a very high degree of despair and pessimism, especially with the entry of many countries in a scientific race to reach the vaccine for the Corona virus.

The experimental results of the largest study on the Covid-19 vaccine in the world began last week, as the first 30,000 volunteers helped test the vaccine produced by the US government, and it is one of several candidate vaccines in the final stage of the global vaccine race, which may contradict the director’s statements. Year for who.

What is surprising and surprising is that the organization responsible for the health of the world resorted to this type of statement during the recent period, despite the success of many countries in controlling the virus and starting its decline in many countries, as well as the high numbers of people recovering around the world.

Perhaps the strangest thing is that global health had reduced the risk of the Corona virus at the start of its spread, and it was delayed in declaring it a global epidemic until about mid-March 2020, despite the monitoring of the emerging virus for the first time at the end of December 2019 in China.

The disparate performance of global health in the Corona crisis between the underestimation of the virus at the beginning of its spread and intimidation from it now, despite the beginning of its decline, made it vulnerable to international criticism and accusations until it came to the United States that the organization was described as a “puppet” in Beijing’s hands before it officially announced its withdrawal from it and stopped subsidizing The American had it last July.

US President Donald Trump launched a severe attack on the organization, accusing it of being overly necessary from China and of not doing enough to place the actions taken by Beijing at the start of the crisis in doubt.

The matter did not depend on the US accusations of the organization, as the European Union countries entered the line of attack on global health, and Germany accused the organization, of subjugating the influence of some member states, referring to China, stressing that US President Donald Trump was right about the faults of the organization.

He urged the German Health Minister, Jens Young, in mid-July, to accelerate the pace of reviewing the way it dealt with the Corona virus, calling at the same time to the necessity of knowing the fate of the funds granted to the organization in detail.

This state of criticism and accusations against the World Health Organization may lead us to ask about the integrity of the world organization and its success in managing the Corona crisis, and the future of the organization in the post-Corona period, and can we say that the organization fell in the Corona test.

Dr. Salam Annan, Professor of Health Economics and Epidemiology, told Echo the country that the launch of global health pessimistic warnings about the future of the Corona virus is a natural matter, pointing out that the norm in the work of global organizations is to follow the highest health policy by selecting the worst expected scenarios and building on them in Issue directives to countries to establish health precautions.

Annan considered that the performance of the World Health Organization in the Corona pandemic is very weak and meager, pointing out that the organization failed to control the virus, and was delayed in identifying its characteristics, and did not adopt methods of prevention or good confrontation in dealing with it, as well as the great delay in declaring the virus a global epidemic.

The expert in epidemiology pointed out that all the press conferences of the organization were weak, and did not provide the world with clear directions about the virus, but there was a clear case of evasion in response to questions.

In addition to the poor discourse issued by the organization in dealing with the questions of the masses and the use of terms that are misinterpreted, they also use hypotheses on the basis that they are theories that have not opened the door to a large case of public debate.

Annan stressed that the World Health Organization suffers from a significant lack of transparency, and there is a very slow decision-making and lack of professionalism in communicating information.

He pointed out that there is a big difference between the desire to intimidate in order to push countries to commit to launching incorrect assumptions as previously announced that a million Africans have died due to the virus, and it did not happen.

And a professor of health economics expected that major changes will take place in global health leaders after the Corona crisis, especially after the United States withdrew from the organization and stopped funding it.


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