Details of the cousins’ quarrel in Fayoum … firearms and wholesale injuries


During the past hours, the village of Al-Agamiyin in the Abshway district, Fayoum Governorate, witnessed a major brawl with firearms between the village’s cousins, which resulted in the death of 4 individuals and the injury of 5 others.

The bodies and the injured have been transferred to Abshway Central Hospital, and the security services imposed a security cordon in the village to separate the two families. A report on the incident is being edited and the prosecution notified.The incident resulted in the death of (Khalil Ibrahim.A.), “35 years old,” (Mustafa Masoud.A.), (40 years old), (Ahmad Muhammad.A.), (32 years old), and the last being transferred to the hospital.

Also in the incident, each of (Muhammad Hussein Abdel-Fattah.N), “28 years,” was wounded by a live bullet in the feet and the right leg, and (Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah.N), (28 years), was wounded by a live bullet in the gland and right forearm. And (Hassan Abd Al-Fattah Muhammad N.) “26 years old”, wounded by a live bullet in the skull.

In the quarrel, each of (Muhammad Abdel Nasser Abdel Fattah), “42 years old,” was wounded by a live bullet in the right thigh, and a head wound along the head, and (Muhammad Abdel-Fattah Muhammad), 56 years old, had tingling wounds to the back and left thigh, and a neighbor Editing a report of the incident, and notifying the prosecution to investigate.

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