Determine the date of the end of the first wave and zero deaths


Dr. Islam Anan, Professor of Health Economics and Epidemiology, said that The decrease in the number of injuries and deaths infected with the Corona virus, indicating the end of the first wave of Corona.

In statements to “Sada Al-Balad,” Annan confirmed that The current symptoms of people with Coronavirus are mild and do not require admission to intensive care.

And the epidemiologist added, that swabs are only done for people Acute respiratory symptoms, as evidence of a decrease in severe infections.

He pointed out that: The isolation hospitals that reopened receive cases, most of them are light, and as long as the percentage of spaces that are made for acute competitive symptoms is less than 100, the total number of injuries in Egypt actually decreases.

Annan stated that the first wave ends in September, accompanied by zero deaths from the Corona virus.


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