Did it appear in 2012? .. An unexpected surprise about Corona


09:59 AM

Tuesday 18 August 2020


Two American scientists, specialists in viruses and biology, presented a new account of the emergence of the emerging coronavirus, and assumed that the infection dates back 8 years.

This novel, formulated by virologist Jonathan Latham and biologist Allison Wilson, indicates that the infection may have adapted to the human body in China in 2012, according to “Russia Today”.

“The Independent Science News” newspaper reported that the two worlds had found medical records of miners who had been treated in Yunnan Province of China, and they had previously worked in cleaning mines from bat droppings for two weeks.

These patients showed distinct symptoms of coronavirus infection, especially dry cough, high fever, pain in the extremities, and pneumonia.

And it was observed that many of these patients were connected to ventilators during treatment, and as a result, three out of six workers died.

Later, samples were sent from miners for analysis at Yuhan’s laboratory, and experts discovered that all of the patients had the coronavirus.

Based on these events, Latham and Wilson hypothesized that “Covid-19” had long since adapted to the human body.

The stories about the emergence of the epidemic are still conflicting, and scientists have so far been unable to confirm which of them, in addition to this issue entering the tense arena in relations between Washington and Beijing and Western parties as well, by accusing them of responsibility for the epidemic and trying to pressure them and demanding compensation.

On the other hand, China insists that the first epicenter of the epidemic appeared in late December 2019 in Wuhan, and that it is a natural infection caused by a new type of coronavirus.


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