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Fish mackerel

Dr. Sergey Ublogko, a Russian nutrition expert, revealed the nutrients that should be present in the diet of people with joint pain.

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Dr. notes that these substances are: Kevi fruit rich in vitamin C, oat rich in manganese, and mackerel fish, the source of omega-3 acids.

“It is sufficient for a person to take half a kiwi a day to get the necessary vitamin C,” he added. Because this vitamin contributes to the formation of cartilage tissue, it is therefore necessary for the joints and cartilage to function well.

The other element necessary for the human body, especially for those who suffer from joint pain, is the element manganese, because it is involved in the formation of collagen fibers. To get the necessary amount of this ingredient, it is sufficient to eat a small dish of oatmeal porridge, because it contains the amount that the body needs for two days, so it is not necessary to eat oats every day.

People with joint pain are advised to eat limited amounts of mackerel, because it is rich in omega-3 acids, and not to be overused, as it may cause health problems. For a daily omega-3 acid supplement, it is sufficient to eat only 30 grams of mackerel a day. Therefore it is advised to cut the fish into equal parts, and eat a piece of it every day.

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