Diet magic enables you to lose 10 kilograms a month


Changing your lifestyle and daily diet helps you lose weight quickly, as it is possible to rely on healthy foods during the day and exercise to get an ideal and slim body.

Diet magical

Losing 10 kilograms of weight in a month requires reducing calories from food eaten throughout the day, so that the body can burn fat, and in this case, 550-1000 calories must be dispensed with,

The number of calories that the body needs

The number of calories you need to gain per day to lose weight depends on several factors, including:

  • Efficiency of metabolism in the body.
  • Average daily activity.
  • A person’s weight.

Take into account not to consume less than 1200 calories for women and 1800 calories for men, as the lack of calories gained throughout the day slows down the body’s metabolism and reduces the chances of losing weight. It also contains nutrients that the body needs, especially protein and fiber, to help increase feelings of fullness and fullness.

How to lose 10 kilograms in a month?

You can follow a healthy diet based on eating 3 meals with two snacks a day, in addition to drinking plenty of water and exercising for 30 minutes such as walking, cycling or aerobic exercise.

Diet Breakfast:

2 boiled eggs + 1 slice of toast + small cantaloupe bowl

Snacks meal

Yogurt + fruits.


Fat-free soup + grilled chicken breast slice + mixed salad bowl.

Snacks meals

Fresh fruit + a piece of Quraish cheese


Eat a piece of salmon + baked potato

Consider avoiding sweets and high-fat foods like fried foods, as well as baked goods, sodas, and other unhealthy foods.


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