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The summer is the best season for losing weight, as it is possible to obtain vitamin D through exposure to the sun, as this helps to lose excess weight from the body, in addition to the availability of fruits and the constant desire to drink moist liquids to reduce the feeling of heat, so a published report indicated Site “timesofindia.indiatimesTo a healthy diet helps lose extra weight before winter.

Diet to lose extra pounds during the summer

Excessive fluid intake

It is recommended to drink more fluids during the summer, which helps to moisturize the body and feel full, and it is preferable to drink a cup of water before and after eating, as this helps in feeling full.

Ways to lose body weight

Eat fruits and vegetables

During the summer season, a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains rich in antioxidants are available that help in losing extra weight from the body, such as melons and melons, but you should not overeat the fruits that contain a high percentage of sugars.

food system
food system

Have a light dinner

It is preferable during the summer to eat a light dinner, which contains a vegetable or fruit salad, which is easy to digest, and at the same time helps to feel full and does not increase body weight, and contains many important nutrients.

Lose body weight
Lose body weight

Avoid eating fried foods

It is preferable during the summer to avoid eating fried foods, which are characterized by containing a high percentage of calories, which help to increase body weight, and are also difficult to digest, so it is preferred to replace them with grilled, steamed or roasted foods, which contain a small percentage of Calories and help you feel full and do not increase body weight.


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