Disclosure of 3 signs that may indicate “Corona” injury instead of influenza


06:00 PM

Thursday 06 August 2020


Corona virus produces a range of reactions so it can be difficult to distinguish whether you are infected with it or just have a regular flu.

The Corona Virus is the worst nightmare of illusions – you can get it at any moment and nothing tells you how to respond. It is estimated that one out of every 5 people may be asymptomatic, but reports have emerged that healthy individuals develop life-threatening clots and complications, according to the website “Russia Today”.

Covid-19 often causes symptoms similar to those experienced by a person who has a cold or flu.

The main symptoms mentioned by the British National Health Service NHS include high temperature, new and persistent cough, loss or change in sense of smell or taste. These symptoms are very similar to the flu.

Harvard Health College also indicates that, like influenza, symptoms can develop and become life-threatening. But one way can help us solve this puzzle.

According to Harvard Health, your doctor is more likely to suspect an infection of the Coronavirus if:

• You have respiratory symptoms.

• I was subjected to a person suspected of having “Covid-19”.

Community outbreak of the virus in your area.

Further consideration should also be given to some of the more unusual warning signs associated with “Covid-19”.

The COVID Symptom Study application, where users can self-report their symptoms, helped reveal some of the unique effects of “Covid-19”.

Based on data from more than 4 million users, the app has identified another warning sign – a rash, which has been described as skin bumps, itchy skin, and sore toes.

In a study not yet reviewed by peers, researchers sought more research into these symptoms. They found that among 11,546 participants, 17% of those with confirmed Covid-19 infection reported that the rash was their first symptom.

Among the patients who reported a rash, 21% said that the rash was their only symptom.

Other preliminary studies, such as one that included 204 patients in China, found that more than half of Covid-19 patients had digestive problems, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Others have experienced feelings of discomfort and distress.

Patients of all ages suffer from abnormal blood clotting, which causes strokes.

If you have any of the main symptoms of the Coronavirus, take a test as soon as possible, while staying home until you get the result, NHS said.


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