Drinking water to the infant causes his death .. Details


The human body needs a lot of water to moisturize the body and protect it from dehydration, but a recent study revealed that water is harmful to the health of infants, and researchers cautioned that it be given water even if it suffers from hot weather.
The research revealed, according to “timesofindia”, that water is harmful to the health of children in the first months, as it affects the water balance in the body and can cause health risks.

Doctors cautioned not to give the child water before completing 6 months, so as not to impair kidney health.

And the doctors pointed out that drinking the infant’s water works to reduce sodium in the blood, and the great imbalance in the body.

Doctors also confirmed that the lack of sodium in the body affects the brain by swelling, and it can also cause sudden death.

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Mothers are advised to breastfeed, as it works to moisturize the baby’s body and greatly enhance his immunity, and does not give him formula milk.


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