Earthquake alerts, the most prominent features of Android phones


Google announced that millions of Android phones around the world will get a new set of practical and useful features, and Google indicated in its blog on the Internet that its new features will reach smartphones operating with Android systems with the latest versions, and that among the most important of these features will be a feature to alert users to the dangers Earthquakes, according to Russia today.

This feature will depend on an existing system in the phones, and when the system senses a vibration that it suspects is caused by an earthquake, it will send a notification to Google’s data centers, and then the user’s phone will receive an alert so that the user in turn will take the necessary precautions.

Android phones will also get another feature to help people in emergency situations, and this feature will be added to the ELS service. When calling for help via the smart phone, this feature will share the phone’s language settings with emergency centers, so that the latter can send a team that deals with the owner of the phone in his language.

To further help the visually impaired to use smartphones and smart devices, Google added to the Lookout application some new user interfaces and some features to rely on the phone’s camera to scan documents and external written texts and convert their texts into audio files that the user can hear.

Google announced that the “sleep time monitoring” feature that it was testing on “Pixel” phones will become available on other Android phones as well, and this feature will alert the user when he prolongs the use of the Internet or certain applications at times when he should sleep or rest, and to make driving the car more. For the safety of owners of Android devices, Google has also introduced updates to the ndroid Auto platform, so that the user can control it via the car screen more easily.


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