Echo Al-Balad: tied it up with 20 pounds … The Sudanese killer in Giza: Leah has money and insulted me


Investigations by search teams at the Giza Security Directorate, led by Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigation, revealed the details of the discovery of the body of a woman Sudanese nationality She was killed in her apartment in the Agouza area.

Investigations supervised by Brigadier General Amr Talaat, head of investigations in the North Giza sector, revealed that the accused is 25 years old. He got acquainted with the 66-year-old victim in one of the cafes where the Sudanese congregate, and a friendship relationship developed between them until the murderer borrowed from him an amount 200 pounds and she waited several times to respond, and on the day of the incident he called her by phone and asked him to go to her apartment to take the money, but when he went to her, she told him that she had no money and offered to give her another 200 pounds and pay off her debt through a sexual relationship, so the accused agreed despite the age difference between them that exceeds 40 years old.

Investigations revealed that after the end of their relationship, he left her only 20 pounds, and the murderer attacked him insulting and cursing him, then he hit her with a box in the face, then put a scarf on her mouth until she died asphyxiated, and he seized her mobile phone and ran away until the Agouza investigator managed to catch it after 5 Days of committing the crime, and facing him, he confessed all its details.

While the security services in Giza revealed the circumstances of the finding dead body A Sudanese woman was murdered inside her apartment in the Agouza area, where it was found that a young man of the same nationality was behind the commission of the crime after a sexual relationship that arose between them and her assault on him by insulting and cursing him for not paying the agreed-upon amount of money, so he killed her by suffocation.

Initial investigations revealed that a report came to the Agouza Police Department from a resident of one of the properties of a foul smell emanating from an apartment on the ground floor, and a force moved from the police station after the Public Prosecution sought permission to break the apartment, and it was found that the body of a woman in a rotten state was found, throwing it on a bed in the bedroom, and the investigations indicated The priority indicated that the victim came to Egypt last June and rented an apartment in the Agouza area for 1,700 pounds per month. She was staying alone and only two women of her nationality came to her once a week.

The inspection conducted by Muhammad Rifat Khalifa, the first prosecutor for accidents in North Giza, revealed that the victim in the seventh decade of life was lying on the bed, handcuffed from the back by a female robes and suffocated from her mouth and neck with a brown cloth and her neck tightly back, which led to the cutting of the surrounding skin Jaws.

The inspection revealed the integrity of the apartment’s outlets completely, and that the perpetrator entered in a legitimate manner, and traces of hosting the apartment’s salon were also found. A can of “cans” and two cigarettes were found, which forensic experts removed and seized to take a saliva sample from it and match it with a DNA sample from the victim. A plate containing a strange type of herbs next to it was a “leaf of abundance”. It was also screened to be sent to the forensic chemical laboratory to examine it and indicate what it is and whether it is a narcotic substance or not.

The prosecution, headed by Amr Abbas, director of the North Giza Accidents Prosecution Office, requested that the security services investigate the incident and examine surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the property in question.

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