Egypt has not reached the break of the peak of the Corona virus


Abdel-Latif Al-Murr, Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine at Zagazig University, confirmed that Egypt has not reached the peak of the Coronavirus, stressing that citizens must strictly adhere to the precautionary measures. Because Corona injuries are still present.

Al-Murr indicated, during a phone call to the “Now” program, broadcast on the “Extra News” channel, that the situation of the Corona virus in Egypt is stable, but Corona has not died in Egypt. “.

He added that the fluctuation in the numbers of deaths and injuries reflects the complacency of citizens, and the lack of commitment of some governmental and non-governmental institutions in following the precautionary measures, pointing out that the Corona vaccine was not available in the market in large numbers until after 6 months and may extend to a year.


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