“El Sobky” explains the difference between the current and comprehensive health insurance .. Know the details


Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, President of the Health Care Authority revealed the difference between the comprehensive health insurance system and the current health insurance, saying: The difference between them is that comprehensive health insurance in all categories of people will receive medical service without any distinction or discrimination in the sense that everyone receives one degree of treatment and service And health care according to contributions paid under the law.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Chairman of the Health Care Authority, continued, saying: As for current health insurance, only some groups of society benefit, such as school students, under-school children, and government sector employees, while treatment at the expense of the state covers groups that do not have a health care umbrella.

The Public Health Care Authority, one of the bodies of the comprehensive health insurance system, announced the success of the electrophysiology team of the Nasr Specialized Hospital of the Health Care Authority branch in Port Said, for the first time, by implanting two heart regulating devices for elderly patients who benefit from the comprehensive health insurance system in the governorate..

The Health Care Authority stated that the first case was of a 65-year-old patient suffering from weakness, cardiomyopathy, and coronary artery failure with frequent ventricular fibrillation, which exposes the patient to frequent fainting cases, as the medical team that included Dr. Azza Qata, a consultant cardiac electrophysiology in the hospital, was able to Dr. Mohamed Atta, a cardiac physiologist, implanted the patient’s first cardiac pacemaker and defibrillator.

The second case was for an 82-year-old patient who suffers from a blockage in the electrical plexus of the heart, and the cardiac electrophysiology team at Al-Nasr Specialized Hospital also installed a permanent two-chamber heart pacemaker to control the rate and regularity of the beats..

The authority’s statement indicated that the pacemaker is a battery-powered device that is placed under the skin and tracks the heart rate, and in the event that an abnormal heart rhythm is detected, the device delivers an electric shock to restore the normal heartbeat, especially if the heart is beating chaotically and very quickly. It is a very useful device in preventing sudden death in patients who suffer from ventricular tachycardia or known and persistent fibrillation, and this device may have a role in preventing cardiac arrest in high-risk patients who have not developed life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias, but who are at risk of developing it.


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