“Electricity” issued today the first bill at the new prices


Dr. Ayman Hamza, a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, revealed that the consumption bill that will be collected starting from August 1 will be in accordance with the prices of the new electricity strips, which have been announced, explaining that the new prices began to be applied to consumers starting from the beginning of last July.

Hamza said, in special statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the electricity distribution companies took all the procedures for issuing the first bill at the new prices with the highest level of accuracy after passing 6 stages to review it, explaining that the ministry is keen to educate citizens on ways to ensure the validity of the monthly consumption bill before Paying it to guarantee access to the state’s dues only, stressing that the citizen must compare the value of the bill with the reading in the meter before payment.

The following are the electricity prices for the new fiscal year 2020/2021, which will be applied starting from next July, and they are as follows:

1- The first tranche from zero to 50 kilowatts (38 pts instead of 30 pts)

2- The second tranche from 51 to 100 kilowatts (48 piasters instead of 40 piasters)

3- The third tranche from zero to 200 kilowatts (65 pts instead of 50 pts)

4- Fourth tranche from 201 to 350 kilowatts (96 piasters instead of 82 piasters)

5- Fifth tranche from 351 to 650 kW (118 pts instead of 100 pts)

6- The seventh tranche from zero to less than 1000 kilowatts does not receive support (118 piasters).

7- From zero to more than 1,000 (145 piasters).


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