Electricity: It is not true that there are errors in calculating consumption with prepaid meters


In the government’s rumor monitoring report, the Ministry of Electricity denied the reported reports of errors in calculating electricity consumption in prepaid meters, confirming that there are no errors in calculating electricity consumption with prepaid meters, stressing that all standards of accuracy are met in prepaid meters. So that the balance is calculated automatically based on the consumer segment, the more the user consumes during the month, the slice changes to the top, explaining that these counters perform the calculations through a computer program without the intervention of the human element.

In a related context, the prepaid meters contain limits for the segments, and there is also a price for each segment, according to the type of activity that the subscriber has contracted for, as the subscriber automatically goes to the segment according to his consumption of the kilowatt and if he exceeds the limit of the segment, he moves to the highest segment, noting that the account It will be repeated again with the beginning of the new accounting period, while the customer service fee is deducted on the last day of the month according to the subscriber’s last bracket, by one LE for the first tranche, two pounds for the second tranche, 6 pounds for the third, 11 pounds for the fourth, 15 pounds for the fifth tranche, and 25 pounds For the sixth tranche, and 40 pounds for the seventh tranche, and customer service fees for each segment are not deducted; Rather, the deduction is made based on the last segment on which the subscriber registered the last day of the month only, this is in addition to the deduction of the accounting difference due to the movement between the segments, and in the case of non-consumption (the counter is closed), the meter at the end of each month automatically deducts what is known as the readable at zero and its value is 9 pounds Per month in the case of no consumption.


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