Eliminates our need for a vaccine … Developing and introducing a new treatment that fights Corona 202


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Monday 10 August 2020

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It seems that the world is on the cusp of a breakthrough in the way to fight the emerging corona virus, which has spread and caused countless deaths and injuries, about 8 months after its appearance.

“Masrawy” reviews the new drug that is being developed, according to the British “express” newspaper.

A new vaccine has been developed that prevents people from contracting the Coronavirus, as well as reduces the likelihood of death from critical cases of Covid-19.

Its advantages

Corona treatment prevents the virus from entering the receptor cells in the body, while at the same time it allows the immune system to recognize the virus and know how to fight it.

In the future, it can also be used with other viruses such as seasonal influenza.

When to produce it

If human trials of the new treatment are successful, the “nasal spray” may be ready by early next year and allow life to return to pre-pandemic-like without social distancing.

It might get rid of vaccines

This will also eliminate the need for traditional vaccines being developed around the world, including the University of Oxford vaccine, which experts believe will likely require annual injections and may only reduce the severity of Coronas symptoms in the same way as the current flu vaccine.

The way it works

The new treatment, which is being developed in the United States with funding from British investors, is made from a synthetic protein sequence similar to the Corona virus that acts like a “cork” and prevents infection from entering the virus receptor cells in the body – known as “ACE-2”.

It was evaluated by leading experts at the University of California, USA, and the most promising laboratory study results were published in the Bio Archive on Friday.

Positive results

This new treatment, known as Sars-Block, has shown to prevent 95 to 100 percent of the virus from entering Coronas receptor cells.

“This is very exciting and it could revolutionize the way we treat infections,” said Andrey Weston, the bioengineer and nanoscience expert who invented the treatment.

He added, “Usually if you contract a virus, you have to wait for it to go away. If all goes well, this new form of treatment will protect you from contracting the disease by preventing the infection from progressing in your body while also allowing the immune system to recognize and fight it at the same time.” .

He continued, “We hope now that we can quickly follow up human studies and that the first doses will be ready by early 2021.”

Watson, founder and president of the pioneering genetic medicine company Legandal, has worked with Robert Stroud, professor of biochemistry at UCSF and member of the Royal Academy of the United Kingdom, alongside experts in immunology, computer science and biophysics.

The work is funded by the British Investors Association led by Adam Hamdy, author and medical strategy advisor.

The funder says: “The work done by Andre Watson and the Legendal team, could change the way we fight many viral diseases. Meeting the Coronavirus challenge is the first step.”

The difference between vaccine and treatment:

The vaccine

It is a substance that helps protect against disease, as vaccines contain a dead or weak version of the microbe, antibodies, or lymphocytes that are administered primarily to prevent disease.

The vaccine helps the immune system to recognize and destroy live microbes during future infection, and it may give you negative immunity by providing antibodies.


Disease treats itself to kill the disease-causing organism and helps to overcome it, but it does not prevent reinfection.


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