“Escape to survive” … behind the scenes of the 3-hour fire in Giza


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Tuesday 18 August 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

As the temperature soared, the 21-year-old turned on her room’s fan. Only a few minutes passed after the girl put an “electric plug” until a short circuit occurred, resulting in a shock that pushed her and the rest of the house to leave, hoping for her to survive.

The indicators of timekeeping were referring to 3 oclock on Tuesday morning, a calm prevailing in the corridors of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, with the vigilance of the evening shift staff in the operating room on the one hand, and the preparedness crews on the other to move quickly in the event of a report, the atmosphere may change with it.

With the warning siren heard – known to the civil defense men – each of them set off towards fire trucks to exit on a new mission that will take place on Tariq Ibn Ziyad Street, branching from Murad Street, in the district of Giza.

In less than a minute, cars arrived at Al-Balagh site, and it was discovered that a fire broke out in an apartment on the sixth floor, inhabited by a housewife and two of her sons (a girl-young man) sitting on the opposite side of the property after they left their residence immediately after the fire broke out.

Quick directives from Brigadier Majid Saafan, Head of the Fire Department, to the civil defense personnel between stationing cars, speeding up water hoses and preparing the ground rescue team equipped with oxygen cylinders, as well as using a hydraulic ladder to speed up access to the source of the fire.

The speedy response of the Civil Defense Forces to the report under the supervision of Major General Hisham Sadiq, Director of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, prevented the matter from getting worse, and the flames of fire could be trapped and confined to a room and part of the hall.

“I put the fan in the electricity, and Sharar went out … We ran and insulted the apartment.” With these words, the daughter of the apartment owner told the scenes of the first moments of the fire.

For 3 hours, firefighters worked on the implementation of the cooling process due to the expansion of the apartment, about 400 meters, for fear of renewed fire with the heat of the weather.

With the sunrise of a new morning, the situation on the street calmed down, and the Civil Protection personnel finished their mission amid words of thanks and praise from the residents of the apartment and their neighbors for their efforts to save lives and property.

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