Facts about the disease of the artist Ibrahim Al-Sharqawi


The Egyptian media announced the death of the well-known artist Ibrahim Al-Sharqawi, today, Sunday, at the age of 72, after a struggle with illness.

Ashraf Zaki, head of the representative professions in Egypt, said that the late Ibrahim Al-Sharqawi died at the age of 72 after a struggle with illness and his deteriorating health during the past few days, indicating that the funeral was scheduled to take place in the coming hours.

The late Ibrahim al-Sharqawi was born on April 3, 1948, and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in 1975, after which he worked in radio, television and theater, and after his graduation he joined the National Theater, and participated in many works, especially in the eighties of the last century, before To move away from the artistic scene in the late nineties, and among his most prominent cinematic works (Al-Harafish, Al-Halafut, Al-Nimr and Al-Faaem), and his series (Muhammad Messenger of God, Arabesque, Harun Al-Rashid).

His health has deteriorated during the last period due to diabetes, which led to the amputation of one of his feet.


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