Famous Astronaut and Astronomer: Aliens will conquer planet Earth in 2020


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The famous Armenian astronomer and astronomer, “Jarik Israelis”, said in statements to the British newspaper “Sun” that highly intelligent aliens are expected to land on the Earth within the next few years.

According to “Israelis”, people begin to recognize these aliens and deal with them in the coming years, in the context of the tremendous technological development that the world is witnessing, indicating that this discovery will shake humanity and force us to rethink how we view our position in the universe.

“It will be very exciting for science, but I think it will make us realize that life is an unbelievable thing, and it is better for us to take care of what we do on our planet,” he added.

Dr. Garrick has two Israelis with decades of scientific experience in the field of astrophysics and has published more than 500 scientific papers on black holes, neutron stars, and more. In addition, he is the founder of the (Starmus Festival), which is the largest annual global conference of its kind, focusing on and announcing space discoveries, with the participation of astronomers, astronomers, interested people and journalists from around the world.

Two Israelis said: “I think we will discover this advanced life during our lifetime,” indicating that the current generation of humanity will witness the emergence of aliens and not future generations, meaning that their arrival to us will be within only a few years and not after a long period of time.

He continued, “At least we will find clear signs that constitute evidence of life coming from intelligent aliens … It will be a discovery that shakes humanity.”

In the same context, scientists in Canada announced, in January of this year, that they had received mysterious radio signals from outer space, amid speculation that there were other creatures seeking to communicate with the inhabitants of the Earth.

This came, according to a study published in the specialized scientific journal, Nature, which indicated that scientists believe that the nature of these astronomical signals is still unknown, but they said that their source is a very distant galaxy.

And a specialized spacecraft sent by the US Space Agency (NASA) last month to Mars to explore the planet there, as it is looking for evidence of life elsewhere in the universe, while there are hundreds of billions of planets in outer space, including inside the “Milky Way” galaxy. »Which includes the globe, and these planets can harbor strange life.

There were many opinions about this circulating news, between sarcastic and pro-idea, so the British journalist, Henry Mance, wrote in an article published in the Financial Times entitled, “Aliens will visit Earth without bringing personal protective equipment” – referring to Corona virus prevention equipment. ,: »How can we receive aliens in the chaos of the emerging corona virus? We can ask them to come back after the end of the US elections and the Corona virus … or we can pretend that our planet is not usually in a mess. Indeed, we are on the verge of bringing peace to the Middle East, reducing carbon emissions sustainably, and avoiding major geopolitical conflict. ”

While the first British astronaut, Helen Patricia Sharman, commented, in statements posted on the Forbes website, that there may be aliens living among us on Earth, and she said: “It is possible that they are here now and we simply cannot see them.”

Scientists explained that this matter did not happen only once before, and another astronomical observatory monitored it, and scientists put forward several theories about its cause, and among these theories is the presence of a neutron star with a very strong magnetic field rotating around itself at a tremendous speed, while a second theory says that few believe Scientists that its source may be an alien ship, according to what the BBC reported.

And many senior scientists believe that Mars was home to small microbes that lived in underground tunnels formed by lava billions of years ago.

A researcher claimed earlier this year that the discovery of alien life was not only “inevitable” but “imminent” as well.

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