Farouk Flux is exposed to a health problem .. And Ahmed Flux: You are leaving and leaving us safe


The distinguished artist Farouk Flux suffered a health crisis recently that required him to enter a Dokki hospital for surgery, while his son Ahmed Flux assured his fans and followers of his father’s health, calling him safety and wellness.

Son Fox posted a picture of his father via his Instagram account, accompanied by a comment: “Praise be to God … you come and go out to us with a thousand goodness, Dahri, may God protect you and make you loyal to us.”

The artist, Farouk Fox, had recently said that many of the older artists have become less visible in the drama, and this is the year of development, explaining that many old artists such as the artist Youssef Wahbi also complained about the lack of artwork that is presented to him when he grew up Age.

Farouk Flux added, in statements to the public opinion program, broadcast on a channel TenThe lack of works presented to older artists is an old matter. The artist Fouad Al-Muhandis also complained when he got old about the lack of works presented to him..

Farouk Lux explained that the big artists abroad also suffer a lot from the lack of works, but abroad they have a specific system in the drama, and we in Egypt have a certain system, following: “I worked in the drama for 60 years and I have not worked in any artistic work for 3 years, And representation is an art, but the sustenance of our Lord.


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