Finally global health assesses Corona: its effects will extend for decades


The committee is made up of about 20 members and counselors, and can make new recommendations, or amend others, with no doubt expected to be maintained case of emergency At a time when it hit Corona Virus More than 17 million people have died, over 660,000 of them have died worldwide.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization said Tidros Adhanum Gypressus At the start of the meeting: “This The epidemic It represents a health crisis that occurs only once per century, and its effects will remain visible for decades to come.

When the World Health Organization declared a global emergency on January 30, “there were less than a hundred infections, and there were no deaths outside of China” outside of the country where the virus appeared, said Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, defending the organization’s performance.

The organization has been widely criticized for its delay in declaring a state of emergency, while the new Corona virus was detected for the first time at the end of December in China.

The United States accused the organization of being a “puppet” in hand Beijing And officially began in July, its withdrawal from it.

The organization was blamed for recommendations considered late or contradictory about a situation The muzzle, Or transmission methods The virus In particular.

“Our organization responded immediately and we have mobilized all of our energy to act and report,” said the technical director of the pandemic management cell, Maria Van Kerkhof, at a press conference on Monday.

But Doctor Michael Ryan is responsible for Emergency cases Who was standing next to her admitted that he was surprised by the “slow” movement in some countries that have health systems that are considered robust.

He explained, “Maybe we have erred in evaluating the effectiveness of these systems,” according to what was reported by “Agence France Presse.”


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