Foods that fight constipation naturally – the future


Constipation is a big problem for many people, and with the availability of medicinal and therapeutic solutions to treat constipation, however, natural drinks and natural foods remain the closest solution to those who suffer from constipation, and prefer to resort to it, and this may be due to the low cost, or their fear of medicines.

Al-Mustaqbal offers a number of foods to help relieve constipation:

1- Chia and flax seeds

Rich in chia seeds with fiber, it is a natural solution for constipation, in addition to that flaxseed has therapeutic and softening properties of the stomach naturally that help to treat constipation and diarrhea as well.

2- Leafy vegetables

Different leafy vegetables help treat constipation because they are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium, which helps to attract water to the intestines to facilitate the passage of stools to the outside. Among the most important leafy vegetables that are recommended for constipation are: Brussels cabbage, spinach, broccoli.

3- Fig and kiwi

It helps to improve the consistency of excreta and improve the state of the stomach and give it the required comfort. Both figs and kiwi contain distinctive enzymes believed to help improve digestion and improve bowel movement, which makes both figs and kiwi laxative a natural belly.

4- Berries

It is distinguished by its high fiber content and antioxidants which make it a natural softening for the abdomen.

5- Legumes

The whole family of legumes is a natural laxative for the abdomen, and it includes types such as chickpeas, lentils, peas, and different grains.

Eating legumes helps the body to produce a special type of acid that works naturally as a laxative for the stomach and is resistant to constipation.

6- Citrus

Citrus fruits are distinguished by their fiber content, especially those found in crusts. Pectin fibers help to accelerate and stimulate bowel movement.

7- Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain an excellent percentage of the fiber that acts as a natural laxative for the abdomen, and sweet potatoes in particular may help treat constipation that may appear in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy


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