For 3 reasons, why should everyone you meet be treated as infected with K.


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Sunday 30 August 2020

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In light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus in most countries of the world, we must deal with caution with everyone we meet, and apply all precautionary measures without fail to protect ourselves from not being infected.

But why should you treat everyone you meet as infected with “Corona” ?, This is what Masrawy reveals, according to “Indiatimes”.

In light of the increase in infected cases and the number of deaths in different countries such as India and the United States of America, this will be sufficient to confirm that we are still in the midst of this epidemic.

Even after strict social distancing measures, hand washing, wearing a mask, etc., countries around the world are still struggling to contain the spread of the new Corona virus.

In the absence of a drug or vaccine to eliminate the highly contagious disease, the burden of slowing the spread of the Corona virus rests on the shoulders of society as a whole.

The first step is to understand that even after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted in some countries, the epidemic is not over yet, as the SARS-Cove-2 virus continues to wreak havoc around the world, we stress why it is important to treat everyone you meet as a carrier of a virus infection. Corona without symptoms.

What do we mean exactly by “asymptomatic carrier corona”

According to the World Health Organization, an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier is a laboratory confirmed case that catches the virus, but does not show any symptoms of the disease.

It should be noted that Corona virus infects all people differently, and most of them have mild to moderate symptoms of the disease.

Recent studies have indicated that people without symptoms could be one of the reasons behind the high rate at which the disease is spreading around the world.

For example, according to a report published in The Print, more than 80 percent of Coronavirus patients in India have no symptoms.

This shockingly high rate of asymptomatic Coronavirus cases in India underscores the fact that asymptomatic patients may play a large role in the outbreak.

Although there are more than 165 vaccine candidates in various stages of trials, so far there is no vaccine to prevent corona virus, this is why it is so important to be aware of our daily actions to help limit the spread of infection.

3 reasons .. You should treat everyone you meet as a carrier of Covid-19 without symptoms.

1- Covid magically disappears

There are new statistics and reports every day about the percentage of the population who have already gained immunity to the virus through developing protective antibodies and how mutating the virus may make it more contagious but less deadly.

We need to be uncertain about the veracity of all these reports, because the truth is that we are still learning a lot about the new epidemic, one thing is certain at the moment, is that we are not close to achieving herd immunity, as about 70 percent of the world’s population will have to Get infected to achieve the same.

2- You still have at least 6 to 8 months to have a vaccine against Corona

Although there are more than 30 potential vaccines in the crucial human trials phase, it is very unlikely that a vaccine suitable for human use will be accessible to the public by the end of 2020.

Remember that vaccine development is only the first part of vaccination on a large scale and there is still a long way to go, after obtaining regulatory approvals for the vaccine, the logistics of mass immunization and increased production still need to know people around the world.

In the absence of an effective vaccine, social distancing measures and hygiene practices are very important.

3- We have to live with this new normal

Most importantly, we must live properly, you should avoid going out as much as possible, but with the conquest measures in most countries, we need to learn how to “live with the virus” at least for the time being, by taking safety precautions.

The most important advice

Wearing face masks before leaving the house is not negligible, be sure to carry hand sanitizer wherever you go, do not touch the outside of the muzzle and consider it contaminated, especially if you are near other people.

Do not touch random objects, and sterilize your hands frequently, and most of all, treat everyone you meet as a carrier of “Corona”.


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