For men only … a sign of prostate cancer … Find it


Prostate cancer It is the most common type of cancer among men, with more than 40,000 new cases diagnosed each year, and the results revealed that urinary retention is a major early warning sign of the disease.
According to the NHS, prostate cancer symptoms usually do not appear until the prostate is large enough to affect the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the penis (the urethra).

Doctors also emphasized that urinary retention is a common early warning sign, which is a feeling one feels after using the toilet.

Urinary retention It is a condition in which the bladder does not empty completely, even if it is full, and it often makes a person feel as though they have to urinate.
Doctors noted that there are two types of urinary retention, acute and chronicUrinary retention affects both men and women, but it occurs most often in men, especially as they age.

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Urinary retention causes a lot of pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen, andChronic urinary retention occurs over a long period of time.

Failure to empty your bladder completely can cause a number of problems if left untreated, including urine infection, painful bladder stones, blood in the urine, and kidney damage.

More advanced prostate cancers can cause symptoms such as:

1- Problems with urination, including slow or weak urine flow or a need to urinate a lot, especially at night.

2- Blood in urine or semen.

3- Impotence.

4- Pain in the hips, back, chest, or other areas.

5- Weakness or numbness in the legs or feet.


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