For the first time … the son of the “ghalaba doctor” reveals why his father deliberately appeared in old clothes


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The family of Dr. Mohamed Mashali, known in the media as “Doctor Al Ghalaba”, was guests of the “Egypt Can” program, presented by journalist Ahmed Fayek, on the DMC channel.

Major General Usama Mashally, the younger brother of the late doctor, explained that the latter was like a father to him, especially since he took care of him and his brothers, as Osama explained that he was in the elementary stage when their father died, while Mashali was in the last year of the Faculty of Medicine in 1967.

He continued: “He was very righteous to my mother, and when our brother passed away, he took care of his children until his death. His entire history is a gift for everyone, and he loved studying and reading in an unnatural way.”

He added that his late brother, since he became a medical practitioner, not a single day passed by him without work. On all occasions, holidays and vacations he used to go to the clinic, and say illness does not wait for vacations, and the only day when he did not go to the clinic died at the end, explaining that he had a great blessing in Everything, adding: “My life in my life I have not seen Maznouq financially .. no matter how little or much his income is, I always have his affairs available.”

For his part, Walid Mashali, the youngest son of the late doctor, spoke about his father, explaining that he had recommended him to the poor and constant giving to all, and the price of the examination was not only a small amount, but also free in many times for those who did not have any money, and he even agreed with a pharmacy next to the clinic on A certain mark he puts in his treatment prescription, whoever comes with this mark gives him treatment for free and then holds them accountable for it from his pocket after that.

In response to criticism of the father’s appearance in slightly old clothes, as well as the general shape of his clinic, the son explained that he had spoken with his father repeatedly about this matter. Or, at first glance, they fantasize that the place is not suitable for the poor, so they leave without knowing that it is free. To prevent this from happening, he rejects all attempts by his family to develop the clinic, or to appear in a good appearance that matches his financial condition.

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