For the second time, Megan Markle collapses Prince Harry during a meeting


All nervous and packages asked Megan Markle from Prince Harry To stop, because he stated that they are too old to be part of a conversation about the next generation.

Megan was speaking alongside Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and a number of young people online, including founders of charities and YouTubers, to discuss how to use Internet communities for good, according to what was published by the British newspaper “Daily Express”.

During that discussion, Prince Harry joked that he felt too big to be a part of the conversation because the next generation would inherit the world, including his son Archie. He also said, “People and societies have become incredibly confused and you can feel it all over the world in time. Present.

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He added: “I think we all know how good it is to walk towards positivity and optimism, and I would love for all of you to be in good contact as well, which is why the platform was created, to connect you all together, to use this thinking, that awareness, that self-awareness, you guys should be.” Able to make the world a better place. ”

Then Harry said jokingly, “I really feel a little older than this conversation,” Megan Markle nervously interferes: “Stop, we’re not old.”

Royal writer Angela Levine said that the Duchess of Sussex could not deal with being on the sidelines during her time as royalty and is now trying to conquer the royal family.


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