For these reasons..fathering the child’s body with olive oil is one of the best healthy habits


The habit of completely rinsing the newborn with olive oil is one of the best healthy habits that our mothers and grandmothers were doing, according to a study published by International Foundation forMother and Child Health.

As the mother continues to rub the child with olive oil rich in oleic acid, and absorption of this oil into the nerve cells through the greased skin, the oleic acid present in olive oil contributes to the development and construction of the nervous system of the child and the speed of its differentiation significantly, and this in turn contributes to the formation of a nervous system and neurons from The best of it.

Studies show that a lack of oleic acid during the development of the brain in fetal life causes the birth of children suffering from a loss of the ability to learn and adapt, and therefore we say to our grandmothers, may God reward us with the best reward, because he used to paint the child from birth every day completely from head to toe.

According to the rule in dermatology, applying a full amount of oil to the body is equivalent to drinking the same amount, while half of the body fat with the same amount of olive oil is equivalent to drinking half of this amount. As for a quarter of body fat with an amount of oil, it is equivalent to drinking a quarter of this amount and so on.


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