French authorities warn of an outbreak of Corona in a private nudist resort in the south of the country


A private resort for “nudists” on the Mediterranean coast expressed “deep concern” about the high incidence of Coronavirus, as figures indicated that about 100 people were infected, according to the Euronews website.

The “Cap d’Agde” resort in Herault in southern France is considered a “paradise” for nudists. The French health authorities issued a warning to the region about the “alarming” spread of the Coronavirus, as 57 cases were reported on Wednesday.

And the regional health agency confirmed that the rate of positive cases of Covid-19 virus among those who visited the nudist resort is four times higher than that of people who stayed in the nearby city of Agd and did not visit the resort.

The agency called for “strict adherence to preventive measures” and said that more tests would be conducted starting Monday.

France has more than 280,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and authorities have reported more than 30,000 deaths. The country has witnessed a spike in infections since the lockdown measures were eased in May.


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