Global health: Corona virus remains an international health emergency


The WHO Emergency Committee for the emerging corona virus (Covid 19) confirmed that the outbreak caused by this virus remains a public health emergency of international concern.

The “Committee” explained, during a press conference, that they decided that the virus is still a state of emergency, and that the decision represents the highest level of warning to the organization as it continues since the last 30 of January this year according to the international health regulations in force, after meeting the members of the committee via technology Video calling is the 31st of last July and the first of August.

The Committee advised, to continue to mobilize global and regional multilateral organizations for preparedness and response to confront the virus and support Member States in maintaining health services while accelerating research and ultimately access to diagnosis, treatment and vaccinations.

The committee also advised states and governments to support scientific research efforts on treatment and vaccines, including through funding and joining efforts to equitably distribute diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines.

The commission called on governments to strengthen public health monitoring to identify injuries and track who they have contacted, including in low-resource, vulnerable or high-risk countries while maintaining basic health services with adequate funding, supplies and human resources.

The Commission urged governments to implement proportionate travel measures based on risk assessments, to review these procedures regularly and to consult on them.

The committee aims to provide technical advice to the Director-General of the World Health Organization in the context of “public health emergencies that cause international concern”.


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