Global Health Director: Wearing masks alone will not stop Coronavirus infection


Tidros Adhanum Gebresos, Director of the World Health Organization, revealed that wearing masks alone does not stop the emerging infection of the Corona virus, explaining that it requires wearing a mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin while maintaining the distance of spacing, as well as the continuous cleaning of hands constantly and away from places and accumulations.

WHO Director on Twitter

The director of the World Health Organization, in a message to him on his official account on Twitter, tweeted, “Let me be clear – the masks alone will not stop COVID19 We must wear a mask that covers your nose, mouth and chin. Maintain physical distance. Clean your hands. And stay away from the large crowds. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing. We are the ones who can end this epidemic. “

The Director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresus, had confirmed that some of the recent mutations of the Corona virus in the world are partly due to young people giving up caution, stressing, however, that life should not stop.

According to the Russia Today website, the director of the World Health Organization added in a press conference Thursday in Geneva: “We have mentioned this before and we repeat once again: young people are not immune to the virus, and the recent mutations in the number of infections caused by young people abandoned caution with the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere .

Tidros Adhanom Gebresus explained that life should not stop due to Corona and we must learn to live with the virus.

Tidros Adhanom Gebresus sent a message to the youth of the world at the beginning of the Corona crisis in March, in which he confirmed that the virus may infect them and even kill them.

And global health has previously confirmed that young people must avoid contact with the elderly and groups most vulnerable to infection and the transmission of the virus to them, but reports in many countries indicated that young people do not comply with health warnings.


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