Global Health: Over 289,000 new cases of coronavirus were recorded today


The World Health Organization announced the registration of more than 289 thousand new cases of coronavirus around the world during the last day, to exceed the number of infected with 17.3 million cases.

According to Russia Today, the organization’s data pointed out that 289,321 new cases of Corona virus and 6142 deaths were recorded around the world, and that the total number of people infected with the virus in the world reached 17 million, 396 thousand and 943 cases, and the death toll reached 675 thousand and 60 people.

The emergency committee of the World Health Organization stated during a meeting today, Saturday, that the epidemic will continue for a long time, indicating that it is still “an emergency on an international scale, and the committee is scheduled to hold its next meeting to assess the epidemiological situation around the world after 3 months.”.


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