Gold prices today are declining by two pounds, and 21 karat is recorded at 856 pounds per gram


Gold prices fell today, Monday, in Egypt, at the beginning of the week’s transactions, at a value of two pounds, to record a gram of 21 carat gold, which is the best-selling one in Egypt, at 856 pounds per gram.

Gold prices today:

Caliber 18 recorded 733 pounds.

Caliber 21 recorded 856 pounds per gram.

Caliber 24 recorded 978 pounds

The gold pound is 6848 pounds.

An ounce of gold is 1934 dollars

The Egyptian gold market ended its transactions the past week with a decline of 14 pounds per gram, although prices did not differ much during the second and third week of this August, while some estimates indicate that gold sales rose relatively significantly and stores became partially recovering, and it seems that many decided Buying for the lack of benefit from waiting and the current prices, although they are high, but they represent the prices of the current period, according to Rajab Hamed, a gold market expert.

Most of the purchases in occupied gold range from 5 grams to 50 grams of 21 carats or 18 carats, and the complaint about the rise in Egyptian goldsmiths has become less than in previous periods because most merchants always reduce the prices of manufactures with the rise in crude prices to promote sales and vice versa in the case of The decline in prices, according to Hamed’s view. However, the reality is the opposite of that, because merchants are sticking to the workmanship.

And gold ended last week’s trading steadily near the level of 1940 dollars despite the fluctuation of price movement that amounted to more than 100 dollars between the highest price achieved by gold at the beginning of this month and compared to the price of last Monday, in light of expectations that the correction of gold will continue to break the barrier of 1900 dollars

And the US Federal Reserve’s decision, last Wednesday, to maintain the interest rate, caused the markets to confuse, although it is an expected decision and is supposed to negatively affect the strength of the dollar and benefit gold from it. However, on Friday, the ounce touched the level of 1913 dollars, but it rose again to close on the rate. 1940 dollars

Locally, gold ended its dealings this week at 858 pounds per gram, compared to 872 pounds per gram, which is the gold price at the beginning of the week, registering a drop of 14 pounds per gram for 21 gauge, which is the best-selling price in Egypt.


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