Governor of the lake: The name of the overriding physician has been given to the health unit in the village of Dhahr Al Temsah


Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of the lake, decided to give the name of Dr. Muhammad Mashali (Ghalibah Doctor) to the health unit in the village of Dhuhr al-Temsah, his birthplace, in which his pure body was buried, based on his will to his children, in honor and memorialization.

Major General Hisham Amna affirmed that the dedication of work, sacrifice and self-denial for Dr. Muhammad Mashaly, son of the Itai Center, to serve humanity and treat the poor is an example to follow in humanity and an immortal symbol of giving.

He went on to say that the overriding physician was not stingy to provide his services and medical and therapeutic expertise to the needy and the financially incapable, as he was receiving a small fee in exchange for treating the sick and sometimes for free until they called him the overriding physician to set a timeless example in giving and humanity and always raising the banner of the profession and before any other considerations.


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