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On the anniversary of Nour al-Sharif, he exchanged several press websites, citing him in previous conversations, that he apologized to the writer Wahid Hamed for not starring in (Al-Baraa) and nominated Ahmed Zaki for the role.

Nour Moukkid tells the truth, while when you regain the production time of the film, the mid-eighties, he will immediately rise to the solo name of Ahmed Zaki in the role of (Ahmed Sebaa Al-Layl), there is no substitute for him, and all the possible nominations are impossible to hold for moments, as if Wahid is drawing a portrait of Ahmed Zaki.

How did this confusion happen and the scenario reached Nour al-Sharif? I found the answer with Wahid Hamed. He told me that he was one of the few films that Ahmed Zaki wrote and directly in his mind. Rather, he wrote it for Ahmed Zaki, Ahmed was about to set up a production company, so he asked his friend for a script directed by Atef al-Tayyib, to become his first film, so he wrote (Al-Baraa), Those who know Ahmed Zaki are fully aware that he is constantly hesitant, and at a moment he reaches the height of conviction, and at another his conviction falls to the foothills, he may agree today to a project and fly with it with high joy, and he tells all his friends how he recently found a dream of his life, then the dream turns into a nightmare. For example, with the movie (Halim), he was convinced and happy with a script written by the poet Abd al-Salam Amin, and nominated for directing Hussein Kamal, and tomorrow comes and his convictions change completely, and after several years he regains his enthusiasm for (Halim) but with another scenario, written by Mahfouz Abdel Rahman, directed by Sharif Arafa.

Ahmed Zaki said, in a frank fit for Lohhid and Atef, that he will withdraw from the project, and he cannot start his production career with this film.

Ahmed Zaki’s retreat in the last moments is not new, films such as (Al-Harif) and (Faris Al-Madina), the two films by Muhammad Khan, and (Sariq Al-Farah) by Dawood Abdul-Sayed, and (Bakhit and Adela) by Nader Jalal, and others were the basis for Ahmed, after the enthusiasm and many Work sessions, whether with the writer or director, and then he takes over Ahmed Al-Adbar, it is possible of course to regret it, whether he admits it or not, but this is Ahmed, the compass of his feelings may change and move in the blink of an eye between Heaven and Hell.

The second nomination came directly, Nour al-Sharif, and everyone knows the special place that Nour occupies with Atef al-Tayyib and vice versa.

Nour always moved him in his choices of logic, and he found that the paper speaks in the name of Ahmed Zaki, and so he returned the ball again to the first square, which saved (Al Baraa) is that Samira Ahmed’s production company and Safwat Ghattas were excited, and Ahmed was productive conservative, and it is possible to play the movie starring.

With time, (Al Baraa) became one of the best things that Egyptian cinema has offered throughout its history, and one of the best roles that Ahmed Zaki has played with brilliance and conviction in his nearly 60 films.

The picture often we see from it only one side, even contemporaries of the event may look at a corner and think that they saw the whole picture, so that was the view of Noor, while Wahid presented the second face, a lot of what we think is true and we have reliable evidence, we forget that he did not See only one side of the truth !!

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