Have stomach disorders .. Avoid these foods


Many are exposed to health problems due to eating unhealthy foods that cause stomach disorders, so there are some foods that should be avoided when you have stomach disorders, and the “future” provides a group of foods that should be avoided in this case:

1- Legumes

Legumes contain compounds that hinder the absorption of nutrients in the body and cause irritation to the digestive system and thus can increase the chances of developing swelling, gases, abdominal pain and constipation, and therefore should be avoided from legumes in the event of stomach disorders until the problem is resolved.

2- Fat

Fatty foods cause stomach upset, because they contain unhealthy fats, so fatty foods should not be eaten when you have a stomach problem.

3- Sugars

Sugar encourages the growth of bad bacteria in the intestine and reduces beneficial bacteria, and the excessive growth of harmful bacteria will increase the chance of stomach infections.

4- Nuts

Despite its benefits, but eating nuts is not preferred when stomach upset, because it may cause irritation and inflammation, and thus increase the possibility of stomach pain and constipation.


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